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Participating NGOs

A brief introduction to the NGO’s who have presented to the Whiteboard and have benefited from the initiative.

Books For All

 Books For All is a not for profit organization with a mission Ignite the flame to nurture education in underprivileged children Develop reading habits in students by making available quality books.Help students find their hidden talents by exposing them to creative works.  It serves in two ways. Enables donors of used children books to have joy of giving and provides these books to children in schools where there are no libraries.

In leadership of Ulhas & Salam Khan whiteboard is helping the Non Profit;

  • Build strategic partnerships
  • Scaling of organisation




HUM is a social enterprise that is committed to breaking the cycle of inter-generational poverty by organizing communities at the base of the economic pyramid. So that as a collective, community members get access to superior goods and services at better prices. Additionally, as individuals, they get connected with ways of increasing their income. HUM is a team of compassionate professionals and our solutions are delivered leveraging the latest technologies available.

  • App Development
  • Aggregator network building
  • Organizational/operational Process

Whiteboard members leading the engagement : Raman Ahuja & Vikram Verma

Location: Delhi


Bharat Stem Cell Registry

Bharat Stem Cell Registry is an initiative of Safe Blood Organisation (SBO). SBO is a non–profit organisation registered in 1998 as a society under society’s registration act, 1860. It is working since last 15 years for blood donation and girl child education. It has created a database of voluntary blood donors who donate blood at the time of critical and crisis situations like natural calamities, surgeries, accidents, organ transplants etc

Whiteboard will act as their strategic & implementation  partner and help BSC mobilize donor database of 10,000 stem cell donors

Whiteboard members leading the engagement : KC JAcob & Sanjeev Ahuja





Deepalaya is an ISO 9001:2008 certified non – government organisation that believes in enabling self reliance and is committed to working on issues affecting the urban and rural poor, with a special focus on women and children.

Lead by Whiteboard members Anup Khosla & Pooja Mathur the engagement will work towards revamping;

  • Overall MIS system.
  • MIS for microfinance, including that being currently developed by your IT person.
  • MIS for HR 

As a 2 stage process :

  1.  Review of current systems and processes to come up with a way forward. This would probably take about 3 months of engagement.
  2. Implementation guidance to Deepalaya, subject to agreement on the way forward.



Aurobindo Chaudhuri Memorial Great Indian Dream Foundation

ACM GIDF, a not for profit organization that branches out of New Delhi, India, believes in the creation of an all-round and inclusive growth atmosphere. We work across India, and integrate in all our projects all four key sectors that lead to growth – education, health, livelihood and Environment.

The scope of the engagement would be on addressing the financial processes of the organization and help set effective measures to improve and strengthen the financial processes.

Whiteboard member leading the engagement : Sanjeev Ahuja

Location: Delhi


Forum for Organised Resource Conservation and Enhancement(FORCE)

Forum for Organised Resource Conservation and Enhancement is a New Delhi, INDIA based NGO.

Objective of FORCE is to create awareness about natural resources– their use, misuse, current status and future scenario and to ensure adoption of measures to prevent their depletion.

The whiteboard will help them address challenges in;

  1. IT– To create an Information Communication system that addresses the needs of all stakeholders (internal and external).
  2. HR – To set processes that help achieve the aims and the growth plans of FORCE

Whiteboard members leading the engagement : Ulhas Vairagkar & Vikram Verma



The German Leprosy Relief Association India (GLRA India)

Founded by Mr. Hermann Kober in 1957. GLRA India was established in 1966 with its central office in Chennai.

Their areas of focus are reconstructive surgery to correct disabilities due to leprosy and to restore their function, provision of aids and appliances to the physically challenged, educational assistance to the affected children, educating the community through Information, Education and Communication (IEC) programmes, Socio Economic Rehabilitation (SER) programmes providing financial support through micro credit loans for micro enterprises, interest-free loans for house construction, repair and renovation, educational sponsorships for school/college/vocational education and job placements, Community based rehabilitation to help needy persons directly through the resources available in the community.

The whiteboard will help them address challenges in:

1. Communications –Rebranding initiatives

2. Fund raising

3. Governance

Location: Chennai



DGSEA works in the field of community service for more than 3 decades functioning from a remote village 80 kms away (towards south) from Chennai. It aims to enable every citizen in the villages to rise above the hardships to emerge a healthy productive and contributing member of society. They provide free education for boys and girls, vocational training, Creche, residential care for elderly, Non formal education for elderly, SHGs etc

The whiteboard will help them address challenges in:

1. Want help in setting up the marketing process

2. Communication collaterals

3. Leads to corporates, to tap the CSR funds

Location: Chennai


Suyam Charitable Trust

Provide education for the economically deprived children in and around Palavedu Panchayat (near IAF Avadi, Chennai).They run projects like Siragu Montessori school, Diksha, Rakshak and recreation center. So far they have reached out to more than 1000 children.

The whiteboard will help them address challenges in:  

1      Brand building, Marketing and communication

2      Trustees & Org  Structure

3      Structured fund raising-  process & training

4      Curriculum review and updation to be done in a structured manner and at regular periodicity.

5      Identify use of technology to assist operations – automate some key Processes etc.,

6      Budgeting & planning

7      A testimonial tracking system to be in place.

8      The Trust has developed some innovative teaching tools for which they have filed the patent. One could definitely look at monetizing this IP- atleast on cost basis.




Aikya  vision is to enhance the quality of life of individuals with special needs through education and training to enable them to achieve their fullest potential and integrate them into the mainstream.

The whiteboard will help them address challenges in:

1.    Digitize all contents

2.    An improved website

3.    Ideas from WB to establish a shop run by children, to demonstrate integration with mainstream.

Location : Chennai



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