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Participating NGOs

A brief introduction to the NGO’s who have presented to the Whiteboard and have benefited from the initiative.

UnLtd Tamil Nadu

UnLtd Tamil Nadu SEARCH, SELECT and SUPPORT exceptional individuals who are committed to solve some of India’s biggest challenges using their passion and entrepreneurial skills.

The whiteboard is helping them address challenges in:

Eco Femme

  1. To work on the presentation and pitch for a) college students b) corporates and c) govt.
  2. Connect to NRHM

Clown Academy

  1. Work on the presentation and pitch
  2. Thereafter , look at challenges of consolidation, identifying a team that will work together, figure out the resources for the curriculum, define the business plan etc

Tip for Change

  1. Work on model/ tech sustainability aspects.

Location: Chennai


Udhavum Ullangal Charitable Trust

Udhavum Ullangal Charitable Trust Organisation that empower underprivileged children by providing them education, scholarship, health care, cultural activities etc. They are now focusing mainly on constructing 100 bedded cancer prevention center at Thirunelveli.

The whiteboard is  helping them address challenges in:

1. MIS -To track student demographics and progress across various parameters and send targeted reports to their global donor base with progress updates.

2. Re-branding – Social media and editing of website.

3. Identify a consultant who will sort out and consolidate the various programmes/ processes

4. Help with mentorship program

5. Identifying new name for their Cancer Hospital

6. To help work on the metrics for the various programmes

Location: Chennai


Magic Bus

Magic Bus  uses an activity based curriculum ie games to make change among children and communities right from childhood to adulthood. Through 40 sessions a year, children learn about education, gender, health and key issues affecting them. The games excel in building physical, social and personal skills.

The whiteboard is helping them address challenges in

  • Capacity building
  • Marketing strategy for South
  • Sustainability strategy

Location: Bangalore


Sa-Mudra Foundation

Sa-Mudra Foundation  working for the cause of youth, with an objective to empower urban and rural youth through integrated personality development, crisis counselling and capacity building training programs. The whiteboard is helping them address challenges in

  • Technology
  • Marketing strategy
  • Governance

Location: Bangalore



Vidyaranya an organization started in 1991 at Mandur to address health and sanitation issues, now works with a gamut of issues including disability, women empowerment, children, elderly etc in 5 districts in Karnataka. To serve as a livelihood option for women from difficult circumstances, Vidyaranya approached the whiteboard to help set up a social enterprise that would in turn provide employment to these women.

The whiteboard is helping in

  • Setting up a Sec 25 company
  • Building a Business plan
  • Financial structuring
  • Identifying suitable trainers/supervisors
  • Marketing

Location: Bangalore


Reap Benefit Foundation

Reap Benefit Foundation engage youth and children on everyday elements of environment through a scientific behaviour change process, creating a ripple effect in all walks of life. Through these engagements, they have also come up with low-cost, recycled products to improve sanitation and hygiene, innovations that help in composting etc. The whiteboard is helping them address their challenges in

  • Legal structure
  • Governance standards
  • Scaling up
  • Marketing strategy

Location: Bangalore



SAPNA a Society registered in Delhi in 1860, by a group of professionals who shared a dream to work on a people-centric model of development in areas of public health, education, women empowerment, community development and social welfare. Inspired by Gandhian ideals of social change, SAPNA’s primary objective is to Empower the poor and marginalised;Provide shelter to the sick and destitute;Promote community health programmes and services;Support literacy centres and e-learning;Work towards empowerment of women;Facilitate livelihood programmes;Help the poor access information and resources & Work for environment protection and conservation.


SNS Foundation

Works with the Mission to mobilize participation of benefactors from all sections of the society to work towards sustainable development of marginalised sections of society- particularly women, by following a rights based and empowerment approach, in the fields of education, health, natural resource management, sustainable livelihoods and governance.


Society for the Promotion of Youth & Masses (SPYM)

SPYM is a national, non-profit agency with a countrywide network working in the area of health and socio-economic development since the last 27 years. SPYM’s mission is to provide quality services within available resources which enable people to maximize their potential, increase their abilities, preserve and enhance human dignity/worth, prevent or reduce the need for services by empowering the community to sustain the program activities on their own for their overall long term development.

SPYM has registered with Whiteboard to seek support for one of the projects the Sahyog Deaddiction Centre that worls for treatment & rehabilitation of adolescent boys in conflict with law under the age of 18 years and assessed to have a history of substance abuse and current substance dependence disorder. Sahyog provides child centric services based on the Public Private Partnership (PPP) model with guidance from the Delhi Judiciary.


Navjyoti India Foundation

Navjyoti India Foundation is a registered nonprofit organization that was founded in the year 1988, by the Magsaysay Award recipient Dr. Kiran Bedi and 15 other likeminded officials of Delhi Police, as a result of the inextricable link that existed between crime and drugs.

Over the last 25 years, Navjyoti has been working relentlessly to bring about qualitative behavioral change and impact lives of over one lakh people. Its bottom-up approach of inclusive development has changed lives of many and has led the path in sustainable development.

With a successful engagement last year on aspects of Governance , Impact assessment and strategic partnerships NavJyoti India foundation has once again sgined up for Whitbeoard and this time the members are haloing them streamline their

  1. HR systems
  2. Data Management  Systems

Whiteboard members leading the engagement :Pooja Mathur & Navneet Srivastava

Location :Delhi


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