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Participating NGOs

A brief introduction to the NGO’s who have presented to the Whiteboard and have benefited from the initiative.

Yuva Parivartan- Project of Kherwadi Social Welfare association

Yuva Parivartan a movement with the vision to create opportunities for school dropouts and deprived youth to lead productive and socially useful lives. YP focuses on 4 main areas, vocational training and community engagement, Industry Partnership and Placement Cell. Over the past 13 years, the organisation has expanded to over 79 centers all over India which includes 27 Out Reach Centers, 27 Mini Centers, 20 Partnership Centers and 5 Centers in the jail. YP has been successful in developing a working, integrated and replicable model in empowering deprived dropouts and youth to earn a livelihood and become useful citizens.


Oasis India

Oasis India: Redefining Restoration .Oasis aims at redefining community as a positive place where everyone is included, making a contribution and reaching their God-given potential. Oasis walks alongside the poor and excluded, empowering people to find their voice, address injustice and strengthen communities.


Turning Point Foundation

With a vision is to provide an environment for their beneficiaries where they can make healthy choices and lead a life of dignity and respect. It strives to adopt holistic approach towards treatment and provide quality and cost effective services to regain wellbeing and wellness to the people affected by negative social and health issues



With a vision of making clothing a matter of concern as a basic need, GOONJ over the last ten year;s has grown as a mass movement among the urban and rural masses, mobilizing cloth and repositioning it as an important resource for rural India rather than wastage fit only for charity.



Dedicated to the cause of children and young people, Milaan works towards creating access to quality education for those in remote rural areas. Over the past 5 years, we have worked with over 6000 children through various initiatives ranging from rural education to vocational training to rural community empowerment.


Udayan Care

Udayan Care is an Indian Non-Profit Organization with its head office in New-Delhi. Their vision is to ‘regenerate the lives of the disadvantaged’, particularly children and women and we are committed to sustainable social development. Their theory of change is: “Every child a home and education, every adult the dignity of self reliance and the desire to give back to society.”


Pardada Pardadi Educational Society

Since 2000, Pardada Pardadi Educational Society has been improving the lives of girls in rural India. Its mission is to uplift and empower girls from the poorest sections of society by providing free education and vocational training — creating a new generation of self-reliant and educated girls who will break the cycle of poverty in the region


Social and Development Research and Action Group-SADRAG

With a firm belief in equality of life for all, SADRAG envisions a world of dignity and self respect especially for women and children. Capacity building of women and children by meeting their basic education, health and skill development needs.

Their programs for improving the quality of life of underprivileged children and community women are based on lessons drawn from action research conducted on related developmental issues such as literacy, education, health and livelihood.


Make a Difference (MAD)

Make A Difference is a platform that empowers youth to become Leaders of Change who dative positive social impact and create self sustaining communities.


Score Foundation

Score Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation located in New Delhi, India. Score Foundation has setup Eyeway as a single stop Knowledge Resource for life with blindness. Eyeway.og strives to use the Power of Knowledge to bring about change in mindsets. – be it the blind person, their families, the community, the professionals, the policy makers, the Govt. They research, disseminate information and advocate for change.


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