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Christmas updates !!

Wishing all  readers ad our Whiteboard Members  a
Merry Christmas !!. Here goes the summary of Delhi Whiteboard action last month.  First time visitors can take a look at the previous updates to get a better insight

Child Survival India: Engaging with whiteboard on the below aspects has progressed as follows;

  • Performance management system under guidance of WB member Jaya Bhateja,  with a
    • Competency survey and Vision development exercise with key CSI staff members. Post the workshop they have been able to consolidate the notes to understand the current challenges, expectations and vision of employees of CSI. This exercise has helped look at CSI holistically. Currently in process to consolidate the vision to create a comprehensive 3 year vision picture and to create a reward program around the expectations post which it would move towards goal setting for each level and then follow further steps of performance management.
  • MIS: WB members  Denny John and Shashank Saurabh (from CEB ) are guiding CSI to set up their first MIS for their Maternal and Child Health Project.  The engagement has completed the following ground work and is to move into the development stage.
      1. List of key indicators
      2. Collation Data collection formats
      3. Linkages between data and indicators drawn and shared with the developers of the concurred IT team of CEB
      4. Details of CSI’s hardware & software systems taken wherein MIS has to run
    • This month the  following aspects were discussed:
      a)      Time line of activities for preparing the MIS including pilot testing and report of annual data (2013)b)      Discussion with field team on data variables and data entry formats for developing the MIS.Based on the discussion the excel data entry template is sent across for CSI staff can start entering the data for the one (Growth Monitoring) component.
    • While we wait to see the final outcome of these efforts Denny believes

      “If this MIS comes into functions within the stated objectives, this will be a good tool for many NGOs working in maternal and child health for monitoring ANC & PNC, delivery, growth monitoring, and immunization

      We wish Denny, Shashank  and his team the very Best of Luck

Rasta: Whiteboard is engaging with Rasta on aspects of HR, communication and Fund raising strategy. The highlights since the Midyear review are as follows;

  • Last month Ravi Parmeshwar, with his team of 2 interns, did a day long  exercise with the employees of Rasta which the NGO really found fruitful this was the first time they had been exposed to such an intervention and have shared a small report with us.
    • Next on the agenda was the Employee Engagement Survey,  which  has been rolled out  for employees to complete.  We  hope to hear more on this in the coming month.
  • Priyanshu Gupta  is helping Rasta on their communication content to go in a  model proposal, a  brochure etc.The last meeting on 21st Dec  focused on
    • The discussion on Rasta ppt revised by  Priyanshu on  how we can highlight our uniqueness. Bringing in more lively case studies focusing on livelihood generation, changing mind set and others.  The format of the case study was also discussed.
    •  His other focus was on the data collection and presenting the in a effective manner
    • Discussion   on content for a  Brochure. for Rasta
    • There was also a discussion on Rasta website it was not in detail but in general it was discussed that it should include programmes details, Case studies, Rasta Intro, Video clips , partners of Rasta with logo and track record.
    • A small discussion was taken on Budget heads but in detail it will be discussed in the next meeting. All the required information mentioned above need to be submitted till 8th of January 2014 to  Priyanshu and the next meeting is schedule for 18th January Saturday.
  • Sanjeev Gupta is helping Rasta with the fund raising strategy further to the collation of list of potential donors, Sanjeev is guiding them to work on wiring  letter of appeals

 Navjyoti India Foundation. NIF primarily is seeking whiteboard support in  aspects of the  partnerships, governance and  impact assessment

For the last few months most of the support was  towards the first two aspects however in the last month the third aspect of impact assessment has been the focus area .

Following have been the points of discussion with Priyanshu
– To define the areas of scope
–  Priyanshu would help us identify impact assessment firms & help us define the scope of the assessment.

A few contacts for the above have been shared with NIF and the  Next meeting is scheduled on 24th Dec 2013   The agenda would be to discuss the areas of scope if the impact assessment in presence of Dr. Kiran Bedi.

 SAPNA and Mobile Creches are  currently unavailable to interact with the panel

Due to some internal challenges SPYM is unable to proceed with the engagement as planned however a meeting is expected  before 15 of January