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New Year Updates

A very Happy New Year to ALL . With the current engagements moving into their final stages Whiteboard is inviting fresh applications for the next year.  Non Profits who are interested can apply at . Following gives a brief overview of the progress with the active engagements . First time visitors can take a look at the previous updates to get a better insight

Child Survival India:

  • MIS: WB members  Denny John and Shashank Saurabh (from CEB ) are guiding CSI to set up their first MIS for their Maternal and Child Health Project.  Two volunteers from CEB have started the  programming for the MIS
  • The last month could not see much progress with the piece on performance  management

Rasta: Whiteboard is engaging with Rasta on aspects of HR, communication and Fund raising strategy.

  • Employee survey completed and results shared with the panel member Ravi Parmeshwar for further analysis.
  • Priyanshu Gupta and Snajeev Gupta meeting Rasta next week to  review and finalize the communication material and guide them further on how to use it for the purpose of fundraising.

 Navjyoti India Foundation. NIF primarily is seeking whiteboard support in  aspects of the  partnerships, governance and  impact assessment

With the current focus on Impact assessment A meeting was held on 18th January 2014  to discuss the initials steps and scope of the impact assessment. with reasonable experience on Impact assessment in the health sector Denny John joined Priyanshu for this meeting. Following were the highlights

  1. Drawing the scope of the impact assessment study shared with the inputs from the Navjyoti team.
  2.  Denny shared the importance of assessing the impact from within the organization and how as an organization we define the scope of our assessments.
  3.  The overall parameters of the assessment  .
  4.  The suggested process to be followed
  5.  Navjyoti will revert defining the scope of the impact assessment and look for further inputs in the next scheduled meeting which would be communicated shortly.

  SAPNA is currently unavailable to interact with the panel

Due to some internal challenges SPYM  had to make a strategic change in the project that they had taken Whiteboard support for, however members are still supporting them with network connects where ever possible