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Sevalaya has been fortunate to be associated with Whiteboard

Dear readers, it is a delight for iVolunteer when our  partners like Sevalaya in Chennai have the following to say about their engagement with Whiteboard . We cannot help but share this moment of Joy with all of you.

Sevalaya has been fortunate to be associated with Whiteboard and through this association gained two wonderful mentors Mr. Thomas Abraham and Mr. David Appasamy.

Infact both of them have been more than mentors. They have involved themselves at the operational level too.

The evidence is there for all to see. Sevalaya’s newsletters /annual report and other communication material can in fact be divided pre Thomas era and Post Thomas era and Oh! What a shift it has been.

The silver Jubilee Annual Report of Sevalaya has touched international standards befitting the momentous occasion and the entire credit goes to Mr. Thomas who guided the Sevalaya Team, hand holding them at every stage, and was involved in the creation of each and every page of the report.

David and Thomas redesigned the logo of Sevalaya, educated us on the need for a Brand image, redesigned the brochures and the way the Sevalaya projects itself to the donors and public has undergone a sea change. The reviews we receive for our redesigned newsletter is a proof for this.

David regularly meets our Public relations team every week and advises them on how to widen the network, reach out to more corporates, prepare presentations etc.,

Any doubts we raise, documents we send to them for review any time of the day, we get immediate response.

We cannot emphasize enough how much Thomas & David have contributed to Sevalaya and our heartfelt thanks to WhiteBoard for this invaluable association.

Sevalaya Murali
Founder & Managing Trustee, Sevalaya Chennai