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The German Leprosy Relief Association India (GLRA India)

Founded by Mr. Hermann Kober in 1957. GLRA India was established in 1966 with its central office in Chennai.

Their areas of focus are reconstructive surgery to correct disabilities due to leprosy and to restore their function, provision of aids and appliances to the physically challenged, educational assistance to the affected children, educating the community through Information, Education and Communication (IEC) programmes, Socio Economic Rehabilitation (SER) programmes providing financial support through micro credit loans for micro enterprises, interest-free loans for house construction, repair and renovation, educational sponsorships for school/college/vocational education and job placements, Community based rehabilitation to help needy persons directly through the resources available in the community.

The whiteboard will help them address challenges in:

1. Communications –Rebranding initiatives

2. Fund raising

3. Governance

Location: Chennai