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Whiteboard Meetings

Lasts for about 4 hours and NGOs make presentation on their work and challenges and help that they need.

How it works

For Whiteboard members

  1. A panel of people with expertise (either by qualification or work experience  of no less than 10 years in that domain)  meets once in 6 weeks usually on a Friday evening or a Saturday morning.
  2. The meeting lasts for about 3-4 hours
  3. A non profit  will make a presentation of the work that they do, their challenges and the specific help that they need  to improve their efficiency. Typically, these  will fall in the category of management skills described above
  4. The panel provides immediate feedback at the end of the presentation and possible actionables to address some of the challenges. Usually after such a panel meeting, experts on the panel agree to offer hands on, one on one support to the CEO on specific areas where they can help.
  5. This is voluntary and a mutually agreed upon interaction between the CEO of the non profit  and the individual panellist.
  6. The expectation is that each of the panellists commits to the 4 hour once in 6 weeks meeting and an additional 3-4 hours on the one on one guidance which maybe a meeting, on email or on the phone with the CEO of the presenting non profit organisation.

For NGOs

  1. NGO interested to engage with Whiteboard will apply to iVolunteer in the beginning of each year.
  2. Every Whiteboard (of minimum 6-8 whiteboard members) will help select manage and work with 6 NGOs for the year
  3. The engagement will be around very specific deliverables decided by the respective Whiteboard and the selected NGOs.
  4. Final selection of NGOs will be done by the respective Whiteboard.
  5.  Each NGO will come back twice to the WB in the year
  6. There will be strong review, managing and tracking processes.
  7. iVolunteer will facilitate all interim engagements with support from the chair of each Whiteboard.