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For Corporates

There is an increasing desire in the corporate sector to ‘give back’ to society.

There is also a constant endeavour to continually hone the management and leadership skills of employees at all levels
Whiteboard is a great opportunity for senior management to ‘test’ their learning and skills in the challenging, resource constrained environment of the NGO, while enabling them to use their skills to further a good cause.

Given the structured approach that Whiteboard uses to engage people, it makes it easier for senior management to get involved, given that they have both limited time and flexibility.

By identifying the deliverables in terms of engagement with the NGO upfront, Whiteboard members are able to commit with complete clarity on basis of whats expected of them in terms of time and inputs.

Corporates already support various NGOs/causes through their CSR programmes. This is a great way to extent management support to the very same NGOs to ensure that they use the support efficiently – ensuring thereby greater ‘bang for the buck’

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