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Who can apply for help?

  1. You have to have been due diligenced by third party – such as Credibility Alliance, VANI, Guidestar India or have been funded substantially (more than 40%) by institutional grantors
  2. Your CEO/top management /office needs to be located in either Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi or Bengaluru.
  3. You must have challenges that require immediate solutions.
  4. These challenges must fall in the realm of general management. The Whiteboard is not equipped to help with technical/programmatic inputs.
  5. Your top management must be willing to invest the time to engage with the Whiteboard members in a systematic and timely manner. Ability to be responsive is key.

What happens after you apply?

  1. You will be invited for a ‘deep dive’ discussion one on one with one of the panel members.
  2. This is to ascertain that the Whiteboard can actually help you with the challenges that you are faced with or not
  3. Once its clear that the Whiteboard can help, you will be invited to make a presentation of your work and the challenges that you are faced with to the next meeting.
  4. You will be required to send in a presentation or a note about the organisation before the meeting to iVolunteer, who will forward the same to the Whiteboard

What to expect at the Whiteboard presentation?

  1. You will be required to present your organisation and the challenges that you need help with
  2. Members will probe into many areas including the rationale for your existence, your vision, details about your programmes, staff, financials…willingness to share information about the organisation is critical.
  3. The discussion will revolve around some suggestions to address the challenges you have articulated. Typically, the suggestion will be backed by the willingness of the member to help you execute the same.
  4. If there is no one in that specific meeting who can help, the endeavour will be to connect you to someone that can.
  5. Remember, that you have access to the Whiteboard members across all cities as well. You can seek to engage them long distance too.
  6. Every Whiteboard meeting ends with specific action points as next steps.
  7. If you come away feeling that you can benefit from the Whiteboard, you pay a commitment fee of RS 10000. This is refundable, if the Whiteboard has not delivered the agreed outcomes at the end of a year to you.

iVolunteer’s Role

  1. We will facilitate all meetings between you and the Whiteboard, including the one on one meetings after the first presentation
  2. Ensure that the Whiteboard delivers on what it has agreed to help you with
  3. Find additional resources in our other Whiteboards if we find that someone else would be more appropriate to help you with a solution.


To apply write to